Tennessee Immigrant Empowerment Solutions, Inc.


 The INVEST program empowers immigrants to re-enter their professional field, with a restored sense of self-worth and             opportunity to economically contribute to their new homeland. 

 Partnering with World Relief Nashville’s REACH program, we believe educated, skilled immigrants should not be limited       to low-wage survival jobs when there is a pathway to substantiate their experience. INVEST will provide the bridge between     the immigrants and employers in need of their skills: a WIN-WIN opportunity!

 What is INVEST?

INVEST empowers immigrants to fully utilize their educational and professional experience. 

It provides participants with a series of training workshops and programs over ten weeks, which includes: 

 Professional English Language Skill Building

 Conducting an Effective Career Search 

 Culture Training 

 Mentoring Program 

 Job Shadowing and Internships 

INVEST is a program of TIES in partnership with:

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